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How to Store Breast Milk? It is very essential to save and store breast milk for a number of reasons. New mothers who are breastfeeding should be properly guided through this whole process. This job is either done by doctors or the other hospital staff such as midwives, nurses, and even housekeeping who are trained to teach proper rules of breastfeeding to the new mothers.
Storing Breast Milk | How to Store Breast Milk | NextMamas

Why is it important to Store Breast Milk?

Out of so many reasons, one of the major reasons for storing breast milk is to keep it for later use. Another important reason to pump out and store breast milk is that accumulated breast milk within the ducts might lead to infection in the breast.

How to properly Pump out the Breast Milk?

There are many different ways to pump out the milk from the breasts. It can either be done manually or by using an electric pump. How to Store Breast Milk?
Manual: In this method, you can squeeze your breasts closer to the nipple and try to remove as much milk as possible and store it in a bottle or feeder for later use.
Breast Feeding Pump: This pump is relatively easier to use particularly for women who find it difficult to remove and store the milk through a manual method. There are many different types of Breast Feeding pumps available. Some of them are electronic whereas the other ones are hand-held.
Both these methods make it super convenient for the mother to store milk.

How to warm Breast Milk?

It is not necessary to warm breast milk. Some mothers like it to be served cold. Refrigerate the frozen milk bottle or bag overnight to thaw it out.
Always make sure to drop a few drops of milk onto your hand before putting the feeder nipple into the baby’s mouth. This would help you to know the temperature of the milk.

How to freeze Breast Milk?

Sometimes the expressed milk is larger in quantity and needs to be frozen. Leave a little space at the top since the milk will expand when it freezes. Store in a bottle that is free of any plastic or toxic chemicals. Store at the back side of the refrigerator to avoid warming up when the fridge opens up.

Is it Safe to Use a Breastfeeding Pump?

Yes, it is completely safe and a very reliable method to save breast milk for future use. The Pump helps to express the milk without causing any kind of discomfort.

Is it Safe to Use Stored Breast Milk?

Yes, it is totally safe to use stored and frozen breast milk. Sometimes the mother experiences less milk outcomes due to various reasons. That is the best time to utilize this stored milk to keep your baby’s tummy full without having to wait for the breast milk to form.
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