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Pregnancy is the time in which almost all females gain too much weight, especially on the thighs hips, and abdomen. Almost 10-12kg weight gain is normal for all women. The major issue comes when they try to reduce this extra weight gain. This weight loss requires consistency and determination.

Here are a few tips provided by the team of Nextmamas that can help to reduce this post-pregnancy weight.

  • Keep Realistic Goals:
    Always keep a goal of how many days you will lose how much weight but always keep the goals realistic to avoid any crash diet or heartbreaks.
  • Determination and Consistency:
    Determination and Consistency is the key to your weight loss journey. Always set a goal and follow it to have desired results. and monitor your calorie intake to keep a record.
  • Breastfeeding:
    Breastfeeding your child is the most helpful to reduce post-pregnancy weight. During breastfeeding metabolism of female increase to shed more calories which in turn helps to reduce weight.
  • Be active:
    Always try to remain active if you want to reduce your weight. Do work that requires walking, Use stairs instead of a lift or elevator. Avoid longer sitting.
  • Drink More Water:
    Water intake helps you to remain full and removes toxins from the body. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger that’s why always first drink water when we feel hungry.
  • High Fiber Diet:
    Always eat foods having more fiber and fewer Carbs. High fiber diet keeps you full and takes more time to digest keeping you full and keeping your gut healthy.
  • More proteins and fewer carbs:
    Always eat foods rich in proteins and less in carbs. Proteins are more digestible whereas carbs accumulate fats in the body. For this eat more lentils and avoid added sugars and refined carbs.
  • Do Regular Exercise:
    Whenever you are trying to lose weight always add some exercise to your routine as exercise helps you to shed fats and tone your body shape.
  • Postpartum Belt:
    You can also use the postpartum belt available on NextMamas for proper toning and shape of your body. It is always advisable to use this belt during exercise which helps you to maintain the proper shape and tone of your body, especially the lower body.
  • Maintain a Regular Sleep Cycle:
    Whenever you are trying to reduce weight always sleep regularly. 8 hours of sleep is a must for an adult to maintain a healthy life and body.

So these are a few tips to help you to maintain a healthy weight and make your weight loss journey easy.

Author: Dr. Iram Gill

Dr. Iram Gill is an MBBS doctor by profession and a Content Writer by passion. She is a mother as well and has observed the health-related challenges faced by mothers and babies. She wants to play her part in increasing access and support for breastfeeding and maternal health problems.

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