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An acne scar is with you forever however an acne mark will go away on its own after 6 to 9months. There are many types of acne scars.
1. Ice pink scar
2. Rolling scar
3. Boxcar scar
Once you have these scars it will take a lot of time to go away.
Ways to get rid of acne scars
Use of retinol creams

Acne scars problem treatment results were very good as per our customer reviews.

Acne Scars Problem Treatment & Best Solution in 2021  | NextMamas

You can use these creams easily at home. Actually, the basic principle of all the treatments is to form collagen under your skin but However, these creams will take a lot of time, like 2 to 3 years.
It is a machine that contains 5 to 40 tiny needles with which we give minor injuries to your skin because it will poke your skin and will boost up the collagen formation under your skin. Micro-needling will remove your fine lines, rankles,

it will tighten up the sagginess of your skin and will tone it.

It will delay your aging process, so your skin will be a flawless look.
The alternative to micro-needling is the derma roller.
It’s a skin cleaning device. It contains hundreds of tiny needles. If you will you this on a daily basis because it will help to remove acne scar, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, large pores in 5 to 6 months.

Platelet-rich plasma

In this process, we take your blood and instruct plasma from it and instruct growth factor in it and inject it into your skin because It will also boost the collagen formation under the skin and will give you flawless skin.

It is also beneficial for dark circles etc.
Chemical peels
It includes salicylic acid and glycolic acid peels. In chemical peeling an acid is applied to your skin and after a week because it shed off and gives you new skin because it helps to remove the acne scars etc.
Laser Fraxel or Co2 treatment
It vaporizes the acne scar. The basic of all the treatments is the formation of collagen under your skin, So it will give you young and flawless skin.

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