My First Book of Planets | All about the Solar System for Kids.


My First Book of Planets | All about the Solar System for Kids.


Blast off on an exploration of our solar system with this fun book on space for kids ages 3 to 5.


Get even the littlest astronomer excited for the big universe of outer space, from the bright and burning sun to our own blue Earth to ice-capped Pluto and every planet in

between. With this book, kids will explore the entire solar system through incredible pictures and fascinating facts on what makes each planet so special, including their size, distance from the sun, what the surface is like, how many moons they have, and more!

This planets for kids book includes:

  • ASTRONOMY FOR KIDS: Learn all about the eight planets in our solar system, plus dwarf planets Ceres, Pluto, Eris, Haumea, and Makemake.
  • FUN SPACE FACTS: Did you know the bubbles in soda are the same gas that's on Venus? Out of this world facts will keep kids glued to the page and excited to explore the sky.
  • BIG, BEAUTIFUL IMAGES: Vibrant photos will take kids deep into space and onto each planet―no telescope required.


Get kids excited learning about the amazing universe that surrounds them with this fun and engaging astronomy book.

Package Includes

1x My First Book of Planets.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Hurrem Mughal

Great book for toddlers. My son is obsessed with the solar system and loves this book!

Wasia Atiq

book quality is good. Book contents is good and easy to understand.

Aamnah Wafa

Everything is explained simply and clearly. The pictures are great.

Dr.Sarosh Ahmed Khan

This is a great book for small and big kids alike! Very informative details about the Solar system

Rimsha Maqbool

This book is perfect for toddlers and It reviews basic information about planets.

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