Vibration Lactation Massager For Breastfeeding | Rechargeable Waterproof Lactation Support Massagers for Relieve.


Vibration Lactation Massager Breastfeeding Massage Supplies Rechargeable Waterproof Lactation Support Massagers for Relieve Clogged Milk Ducts, Mastitis Pain, Engorgement, Improve Milk Flow.


  • IMPROVE BREAST MILK FLOW WHILE BREASTFEEDING: The vibration of the remote control lactation massager can help express breast milk, relieve the clogged milk ducts and improve the breast milk flow, which can help solve the breastfeeding milk undersupply issues. Using the breast massager for pumping can help you master the breast feeding essentials well.
  • RELIEVE BREAST ENGORGEMENT PAIN AND RELEASE BREAST: The use of the breastfeeding massager can help relieve breast swelling pain, tenderness, pain caused by congestion, mastitis, engorgement and other breastfeeding diseases. The electric lactation massagers can effectively prevent breastfeeding painful and uncomfortable symptoms.
  • SMALL SIZE & SPECIFIC DESIGN FOR BREAST MASSAGER: The small size and the original breast shape of the lactation massagers are definitely easy to use. The breast massager for women can be also used under the bra, which is very simple and effective.
  • RECHARGEABLE DESIGN: The rechargeable breast massager is more effective than the manual lactation massagers. Compared with the manual type, you can massage the breast without any effort, which can help you breastfeed better. Even when you use a milk catcher for breastfeeding, it can help express milk as soon as possible and improve the efficiency of breast milk storage.
  • WATERPROOF & SAFE DESIGN: The electric breast massager is made of medical silicone. The breastfeeding massager is waterproof and can be rinsed even if it comes in contact with breast milk. So you do not need to worry about touching the breast milk when you are breastfeeding.

Three Levels Vibration Breastfeeding Massager

*Weak, medium and strong massage intensity

*Suitable for different massage intensity needs

4 Kinds Of Lactation Massage Frequency

*4 different massage frequency is suitable for different massage frequency needs

Waterproof Design

*Wrapped in silicone *Soft, waterproof and easy to wash

You Deserve A Better Breastfeeding Experience.

Specifically designed to quickly relief plugged ducts and improve milk flow.

Improve Breast Milk Flow While Breastfeeding

You can avoid mastitis and enjoy a better breastfeeding experience.

Package Includes

  • 1x Vibration Lactation Massager Device.
  • 1x Charging Cable.
  • 1x User Manual.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Elhussieny Dawoud (Jauharabad)

Product is good quality and functional
Also customer service after sales is professional

fari Shaikh

This lactation massager is an absolute must have for lactating mommas! It's a life saver! Gets rid of pain.

Hafsa Akhtar

Highly recommend this for any pumping/nursing mamas!

javaria Hafeeza

Highly recommend this for any pumping/nursing mamas!

fariha Rauf

Super easy to use, battery life on point, I super recommend this!!

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