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Things to do when you know you are Pregnant

Pregnancy is the most amazing time period in the life of a female. They become excited and happy and start planning their life after the baby.

Here are a few tips given by the team of NextMamas to do to have a healthy and happy Pregnancy.

Make a Plan:

Things to do when you know you are Pregnant

Always try to make a plan and write a to-do list and try to take action on the list you have prepared. The plan must consist of do’s and don’ts of pregnancy and things that can make you happy and active.

Educate yourself:

Educate yourself regarding pregnancy essentials and how to take care of yourself and your child.

See your Doctor:

Things to do when you know you are Pregnant

Antenatal visits are a necessity for pregnancy. Try to follow your appointments with your doctor and act upon the advice given by her.

Take Prenatal medication:

Folic acid 400mcg and vitamin D supplements once a day are a must to take during pregnancy it can help you and your fetus in growth.

Stop using certain Drugs:

Always keep in mind that there are drugs that should not be taken during pregnancy. So always follow your doctor’s advice while taking medication.

Stay active:

Things to do when you know you are Pregnant

Try to stay active during pregnancy. Household work are not forbidden during pregnancy but avoid lifting heavy objects and too much stooping and bending.

Eat Healthy:

Things to do when you know you are Pregnant

Eating healthy and in small portions is a requirement of pregnancy for the growth of the baby and the health of the mother.

Track your weight gain:

All females gain weight during pregnancy so Keep a record of weight gain during pregnancy almost 10-12 kg weight gain is normal and it fluctuates in all females according to their body type.

Keep Hydrated:

Things to do when you know you are Pregnant

Keeping your self hydrated is a must to remove toxins from your body.

Avoid pets:

Avoiding pets like Cats and parrots are must to do because a pregnant woman can get different diseases by contacting them.

Follow sleep hygiene:

Following at least 8 hours of sleep is a must in pregnancy. Keep yourself calm and take good time for rest.

Take care of your mental health:

Mental health is affected a lot during pregnancy so one must take care of her mental health. Don’t take much stress and try to calm yourself.

Author: Dr. Iram Gill

Dr. Iram Gill is an MBBS doctor by profession and a Content Writer by passion. She is a mother as well and has observed the health-related challenges faced by mothers and babies. She wants to play her part in increasing access and support for breastfeeding and maternal health problems.



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