Warranty Policy

6 Months Warranty Policy

NextMamas believes to service customer with complete peace of mind. Thats why we provide 6 Month Warranty Policy "Only On Electronic Products". If you are within 7 Day Period and looking for a Return and Exchange Policy please click here.
What is it?
We understand that electronic products could be tricky sometime thats why we provide 6 Months Repair and Replacement Warranty, so you wont have to worry about your investment.
Just speak to our customer service within 6 month period when you receive our product to raise any issues.
6 Months Warranty Policy Explained:
  • Keep in mind that If product is faulty or any mistake on our side please speak asap to our customer care to be eligible for our "Return and Exchange Policy" within 7 days.
  • If you have past the period of 7 days and you have one of NextMamas Electronic Products, you are now eligible for our 6 Months Warranty.
  • Please know that we do not provide cover for any physical damage that occurred from the customer side ( that include during the product being shipped back to us, customer is responsible to securely pack the package and ship it back to us). If you receive the damaged parcel/product from our side you are supposed to contact our customer care on the same day.
  • We will refund the shipping if the product is deemed faulty on inspection.
  • If we find a fault in the product we would repair and ship it back to you on no extra cost to you. 
  • If we are unable to fix or repair the product we would ship a replacement product to you with shipping on us.
  • If our products are out of stock, and we are not able to repair the product either then we will provide you an exchange code of original amount and shipping included which you could be able to use on our website to purchase anything in next 12 months. You also have an option to wait for the product to come back in stock.
No tolerance to abusive behaviour or threats like negative reviews or fake negative social media campaigns, we will try our best to accommodate you but we stand by our policies. We have trust of thousands of customers who appreciate our product and have trust in NextMamas.
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