About NextMamas

NextMamas is an online shopping store for mothers and children.

NextMamas (A Project of ARIMU Group) is a brand that focuses on improving the lives of new mamas by eliminating barriers and increasing access to breastfeeding, pre and postpartum support, and personal care through our innovative products & services.

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NextMamas Products

NextMamas offer high quality manual or electrical breast pumps which make the lives of our mothers easy and help them to take care of their child in much better way. There are also silicone nipple protectors to protect breast nipple infection which is one of the biggest problems in breastfeeding mums. All in all, there is complete range and variety of all kinds of health products for our mother.

A baby always requires extra and careful planning regarding all his needs especially nutritional and health care. All these needs are supposed to meet in a time so that the growth of the baby is not compromised.

For Example, if you talk teething process of a baby which starts around the age of six months. There is usually associated loose motion, teething pain, and discomfort that can irritate a baby. It leads to excessive crying. Which in turn can affect mothers. It becomes very difficult for them to tackle these situations.

NextMamas and Babies Store

A mother has its own need during pregnancy, post-pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  Along with the nutritional support as a result of growing the baby inside, she also needs emotional, physical, and health support as well while pregnancy.

There are a lot of NextMamas products available for pregnancy such as the Pregnancy Support Belt, which will help support the growing baby by intelligently distributing its weight over the vertebral column. This essentially helps in relieving backache and uterus pressure which a lot of our next mamas feel while in the third trimester.

Similarly, there are products to support our next mamas after pregnancy such as “Post Pregnancy Recovery Belt “which is very effective. It is helpful for decreasing post-delivery healing time after normal delivery or c-section. It also helps with reducing belly fat, loose skin, backache, posture problems, and c-section scare healing.