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Tips For The 9th Month Of Pregnancy

Experiencing pregnancy is not an easy task. Mood swings, health problems, frequent hospital visits, etc. can take a toll on the mental health of to-be-mothers. And when you finally hit the last month of pregnancy, you need to be extra careful of your well-being. It is during the last month that you cannot do anything physically, you have to rest as much as possible, and deal with the excitement and anxiety of the nearing milestone.

Keep the first 8 months of pregnancy on one side and the last month on the other and women will choose the latter as a more difficult period to pass. If your 9th month has arrived and your due date is near, here are some things that you can start doing to prepare for the birth of your baby besides getting the hospital bag ready!

1.Don’t Stop Moving Altogether

We understand that during the last month, all you want to do is rest. Your body feels unnaturally heavy, you cannot bend down, and every time you walk, your knees hurt. Apart from the physical changes, the insides of your body are changing too. Your h0rm0nes work overtime leaving you irritated, nauseous, and exhausted.

You may not consider this the best advice according to your mental and physical health, but you have got to keep the vertical movement going. Stay a little active to keep your body healthy. Do brisk walking, and if you are able to exercise, continue with it.

2.Keep Positive Energy Flowing

Since you are on your own in your house for the most part of the last month, you might feel low and negative. You might think about whether everything will turn out smoothly on the B-Day or not. Your mind will concoct imaginative situations that might not actually happen in real life. This can have an adverse impact on your mental health. Surround yourself with positive vibes only and engage in indoor activities like drawing, writing, etc. to keep yourself busy.

3.Surround Yourself With Loved Ones

It is the best time to keep the favorite people of your life near you. Talk to those people who motivate and inspire you about the upcoming chapter of your life. Laugh as much as you can and do things together with them that will secrete the happy h0rm0nes in your body. Make your life less stressful by engaging in light conversations and letting your mind and heart feel the love.

4.Practice Your Breathing

You will require this practice during the birth of your baby. If you have not been practicing your breathing, start now. Focus on taking slow and deep breaths. Count your breaths and fix a number (ideally 4 or 5). Take deep breaths through your nose and exhale from your mouth. Close your eyes and feel your belly rise and drop to enjoy the entire experience. When you do this, you won’t feel overwhelmed doing it on the B-Day.

5.Get Massages

Get your body to loosen up by visiting a certified massage therapist experienced to work on pregnant women. Getting a massage can be a very relaxing process as it increases your blood flow and calms your mind. As the massage opens up the nerves, you feel less sore, especially in your foot and legs. But, don’t overdo it. Schedule the massages only after getting a green signal from your doctor.

6.Engage in Skincare

It may be the best time to take care of your skin health. Relax your face by getting facial massages. Put on flavored face masks every now and then and simply relax. Feel the toxins being pulled out of your face and experience the freshness of the fruits in the face mask. Before going to sleep, apply night serum or cream for a glowing look the next morning. When you look beautiful, you feel better, and hence, keep negative emotions far away from you.

7.Don’t push your body

Do all the activities you want but do not push your body to do extra. If your body demands rest, don’t put it through another hour of work. Give your body what it wants. Exercise and perform yoga as much as you can under the supervision of an expert. Apply a formula of 40% work and 60% rest during the last month of pregnancy. Take up activities that do not demand much physical strength to keep your mind engaged.

8.Don’t Remember The Due Date

When you are constantly stressing about your due date, you are putting extra pressure on your mind and messing up with the hormones. Due dates are just to determine the arrangement process. you may end up giving birth before or after the designated due date and it is completely fine. So, to keep yourself sane, don’t count on the due date, waiting when it will all finally be over. Keep your expectations at bay and remind yourself that you are ready for any situation, come what may!

The last month of pregnancy should be the most peaceful one for you. It is the only time you will have for yourself. Do more of those things that keep you happy and you will automatically remain healthy for the biggest day of your life. Because what comes next is going to keep you occupied for the most part of the day or should we say your life.

Author: Dr. Iram Gill

Dr. Iram Gill is an MBBS doctor by profession and a Content Writer by passion. She is a mother as well and has observed the health-related challenges faced by mothers and babies. She wants to play her part in increasing access and support for breastfeeding and maternal health problems.

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