Daily Routine to have Fresh and Glowing Skin | Few Tips To Have Your Dream Skin.

To have fresh and glowing skin is a dream of every person. Here are few tips provided by the team of NextMamas to have your dream skin such as

  • Wake Up Early: Try to wake up early in the morning & Keep a healthy routine like a morning walk and light exercise. The Fresh morning air keeps us healthy and active throughout the day.
  • Drink Plenty of Water: Keep hydrated, and drink almost a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water per day as water removes toxins from the body and keeps the body healthy.
  • Healthy Diet: Keep a healthy diet routine like eating fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those which have green leaves that keep us full and make gut healthy which in turn makes skin healthy and fresh.
  • Skin-Icing: Do icing of the skin, for this ice-roller is available on our website Nextmamas.com which will close the pores on the skin and makes it less acne prone.
  • Facial Massage: Use the Derma roller provided by NextMamas.com for skin massage that will improve blood supply to the skin and make it look fresh and attractive.
  • Stay Happy: Stay happy and stay away from stress when you are stressed free you auto and glow and look fresh and beautiful.

These are the few tips that can keep your looks healthy and fresh without any expensive and painful treatments.

Author: Dr. Iram Gill

Dr. Iram Gill is an MBBS doctor by profession and a Content Writer by passion. She is a mother as well and has observed the health-related challenges faced by mothers and babies. She wants to play her part in increasing access and support for breastfeeding and maternal health problems.

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