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Dry and flaky skin is very common throughout the year whether it be summer or winter. Women are often worried about their rough and cracked skin which may sometimes lead to serious infections and other skin issues.

How to take care of Dry Skin, Diagnosis and Treatment | NextMamas

There are certain different causes that trigger dry skin and leads to an uneven skin tone with hyperpigmentation and scar marks.
Women are often seen complaining about how their skin used to be perfect and smooth a few years back and now it has become rough and hyperpigmented. Dryness also triggers more breakout and acne due to inadequate hydration.

Causes of Dry Skin

There are various different reasons which may contribute to the dryness of the skin. Women have much more thin and fragile skin which makes them more susceptible to dryness and breakouts. Some of the most common causes of dryness of the skin are:-

  • Inadequate Hydration
  • Improper Diet
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Prolonged outdoor working hours
  • Improper skincare routine
  • Excessive Use of topical steroids
  • Use of Tretinoins to treat acne
  • Chemical Peels and other treatments
  • Going overboard with facials and other skin treatments.
  • Applying non recommended toxic creams
  • Excessive use of makeup products
  • Use of skin acids in higher concentrations
  • Too many sessions of hair removal
  • Medications for hypertension and diabetes
  • Increased Age

Humid and summer season
Eating lots of dry fruits

Treatment of Dryness

Women are always finding different ways and techniques to have smooth fine skin free of acne and scar marks. There are many treatment options available. Some of them are home remedies while others are cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.

  • Drink as much water as you can. At Least 9-10 glasses of water per day will help to keep your skin hydrated
  • Wear and Spf when you go out to avoid UV rays
  • Moisturize your skin regularly to prevent the occurrence of breakouts
  • Use Hyaluronic acid and Retinoic acid on your face to maintain hydration
  • Always use makeup that is free of toxic chemicals.
  • Skincare products should be chosen after dermatologists’ recommendation if you have sensitive and breakout-prone skin.
  • Eat a proper diet free of too many spices and grease.
  • Maintain a good skincare routine which includes cleansing, scrubbing, moisturizing, and so forth.
  • Visit your dermatologist frequently to get your skin evaluated
  • Never use any skincare products which contain harmful ingredients and chemicals.

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