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How to Breastfeed Properly | Tips For Mom and Baby. After childbirth, breastfeeding is the second most beautiful natural phenomenon. Breastfeeding is an art form that must be taught and practiced at every stage of the process. You gradually improve by experimenting with various ways and adopting the style that best suits you.

How to Breastfeed

Because both the breastfeed mother and the infant are unfamiliar with this phenomenon takes some time for them to adjust. However, once you’ve gotten over the bumpy and awkward stage of learning, you’ll be an expert at it and could even be teaching future mothers to be. We frequently observe mothers pushing the button and latching on the baby while conversing or eating. They make it appear to be so simple and straightforward. However, the opposite side of the coin demonstrates how difficult this entire procedure was to understand.

To fully explain this phenomenon, it is necessary to understand the entire physics of milk exit as well as the anatomy of the breast.

How to Breastfeed Properly | Tips For Mom and Baby | NextMamas

How To Breastfeed Properly?


Colostrum is a thick yellowish fluid that emerges from the breast before milk appears. This is known as “gold milk” since it protects the infant from jaundice and allergies, as well as assisting the newborn in passing their first stool. Only a few drops of colostrum are needed to generate antibodies in babies that will last a long time.

Mature Milk 

A transition milk phase is also observed. Later on, mature milk is produced, which is thin and milky. This mature milk contains a wealth of nutrients, vitamins, and other critical ingredients necessary for a child’s normal upbringing.

Learn Breastfeed Technique

1 Place the baby against your breasts, abdomen to abdomen, with the front of her torso towards you

2 To urge your baby’s mouth to open, place your nipples on his or her lips. Put some colostrum into her mouth if she won’t open it.

3 When the tip of the baby’s nose and the chin touch your breast. Instead of being folded in, the baby’s lips will
spring outward like fish lips.

4 Suckling on the breast will begin for the baby. Once you hear a gurgling sound coming from their mouth It
indicates that they have appropriately seated themselves
on the breast.

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Indication of a Hungry Baby

1. There are many possible indications of a baby who is hungry and looking for milkSnuggling at your breast
2. Opening their mouth
3. Sucking their finger or hands
4. Sucking their lips or tongue
5. Low pitched Crying
6. Duration of Breast Feeding

Breastfeed usually lasts 20-30 minutes, depending on how hungry or starving the infant is. You are free to breastfeed your baby as often as you choose.
It’s preferable to empty one breast at a time before introducing the infant to the other. To make it easier for the baby to take the milk, drain the milk from one breast and squeeze the breast from the nipples. Examine your baby for indicators that he or she is full. If your baby stops sucking on the nipples or falls asleep by the conclusion of the session, it signifies he or she is full and content.        

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