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Reason for stretch marks.

During pregnancy, your body is growing rapidly and the skin on the area is getting tight, because of the inside baby, there will be stretch marks on the skin outside. There are types of marks.

1st we have postpartum stretch marks which 90%of females have, and there are more chances to get in young females than the older ones. When teenagers reach puberty they also get on specific body parts.

2nd if you have loosed or gained your weight rapidly then you may have marks. When you lose weight your body gets saggy. The skin on the areas like the lower belly, arms, thighs will get loose may appear.


Stretch Marks Reasons and Treatment | NextMamas

How do stretch marks start?

They start from the red color lines after that they change their color into white. Stretch marks are treatable. The red ones are easily removable, while the white ones are slightly hard to get rid of.

Natural ways to get rid of marks at home.

Use of aloe Vera:- Apply aloe Vera on the marks and gently massage it for 20 minutes.

Mix olive oil and almond oil and apply it to the affected area two times a day and massage it for 20 minutes. These oils will help the marks to fade away.

Potato:- potato contains so many minerals, it also have collagen boosting power, it helps in skin healing as well. Apply the potato juice to the marks and massage it.

Vitamin E and castor oil:- take on the capsule of vitamin E and add one tablespoon of castor oil in it, mix it and massage it on the marks for 20 minutes. Wash it will normal water.

Those females who are pregnant can also use these ways to prevent.

To get rid of the lower belly after the baby, you should add physical activities to your day.

You can do aerobics, Zomba, cardio, running. Take a good protein diet and have more fruits .avoid junk food.

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