3 in 1 After Pregnancy & C Section Recovery Belly Support Body Shaper Recovery Belt


3 in 1 After Pregnancy & C Section Recovery Belly Support Body Shaper Recovery Belt | Tone Up Muscles & Target Belly Waist & Hip Fat

Post pregnancy Belly, waist and hip recovery belt is your perfect companion for post partum abdominal pain, providing support to your abdomen and lower back for a better toning and posture. The post pregnancy belt has multiple uses like pain relief, body shaper under your favorite clothes or to achieve a perfect posture.


Why Use Postpartum Belly Waist Hip  Recovery Body Shaper?

  • Speeds up postpartum healing - Help relieve water retention and shrink the uterus faster
  • Shrinks belly - Waist training and helps in slimming down
  • Supports abdominal muscles - Improves Diastasis Recti
  • Provides gentle compression - Helps lymphatic flow, supports muscles, and helps incisions heal
  • Corrects posture - Prevents backaches

5 Comfort Features

  • Ergonomic: Designed for 360-degree full support.
  • Stretchability: Contours proportionally to your body shape.
  • Breathability: Made of soft mesh that is gentle on the skin.
  • Lightweight: Wear comfortably all day long.
  • Durability: Does not shrink or roll up after washes.

Your postpartum recovery journey starts here...

First Week After Birth

Your belly calls for immediate support. Wear the Stomach Belt to provide a steady, snug hug to your abdomen. The belt provides a solid belly wrap that holds it together to ease any swelling, prevent sagging, and aid your mobility.


  • If you had a natural birth, wear the Stomach Belt 2-3 hours after birth. If you had a C-Section, only start wearing it when the stitches have fully healed ­– or consult your doctor. Wear a layer of cloth beneath the belt for extra comfort.

1-6 Weeks After Birth

Wear the Stomach Belt, followed by the Waist Belt to provide the much-needed lumbar support during breastfeeding and relieve back pain. If you are recovering from diastasis recti, the use of two belts also helps close the gaps between your abdominal muscles.


  • Find the right tightness for you so that you are well-supported while moving with ease and digesting smoothly.

7-12 Weeks After Birth

Now is the perfect time to wear all three: the Stomach Belt, the Waist Belt, and the Pelvis Belt. This combination will help tighten your pelvic joints, strengthen your core and help your body return to the pre-pregnancy state.


  • Wear the whole set of 3-in-1 Revive Postpartum Recovery Support Belt consistently until at least twelve weeks after birth for optimum result. Take it off when sleeping to let your body rest.



 Specifications (Material):

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Spandex

Package Contents:

  •  1x High-Quality Postpartum Belly Belt
  •  1x High-Quality Postpartum Waist Belt
  •  1x High-Quality Postpartum Hip Belt

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Nosheen Tariq (Gujranwala)

3 in 1 After Pregnancy & C Section Recovery Belly Support Body Shaper Recovery Belt

Mahnoor (Gujranwala)
Fast delivery with best quality 😍

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S.E. (Rawalpindi)

My waist is 44inches in my last week of pregnancy.kindly guide me perfect size?

Noreen Usman Ghani (Gujranwala)
Excellent. Received in one day. Top quality. Love it.

Excellent. Received in one day. Top quality. Love it.

Mrs. Umair

Ye three pic belt ma two pics separately mil salts hi ku k near pass ai hi or baki k do no hi???

it comes in set you can exchange with 3in1

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