Cordless Knee Massager | Powerful Infrared Heat and Vibration Knee Pain Relief for Swelling Stiff Joints.


Cordless Knee Massager, Powerful Infrared Heat and Vibration Knee Pain Relief for Swelling Stiff Joints, Stretched Ligament and Muscles Injuries.


  • An All-rounder Knee Massager for Pain and Discomfort Relief, and enjoy a comfortable massage after a long day. This knee massager has 3 vibration modes, from low, and high to automated switching. Three heating modes, from low setting of 105°F, medium of 122°F, to high heating level of up to 140°F, and all with the extra benefit of switchable infrared and laser lighting.
  • Cordless and Lightweight: with a 3000 mAh high-performing battery, and a lightweight of 1.4lbs, this massager is truly a cordless all-rounder. Enjoy a relaxing and pain-relieving knee massage, no matter in the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.
  • LED Touch Screen Control Panel is Easy to Operate and Intuitive. The enclosed detailed user manual with larger text and explanatory drawings makes the unit a charm to operate. A separate Quick Start Guide helps you start massaging and relieving pains in no time!
  • Ergonomic Design and A Great Gift: this is a functional and affectionate gift for your loved ones - mums and dads, family and friends, for any occasion or celebration, or enjoy one for yourself.

3 Heating Levels

  • Low Setting of 105°F,
  • Medium Setting at 122°F,
  • High Heating Mode for up to 140°F

3 Vibration Modes

  • Low Vibration Mode
  • High Vibration Mode
  • Automated Therapy

A Great Gift

  • for the lucky one to enjoy almost anywhere, from office, in the comfort of your home, and during travels!

Package Includes

1x Knee Massager , 1x Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Aftab Saeed Tahir (Toba Tek Singh)

مجھے ابھی تک موصول ہی نہیں ھوا تو ریوزکیسے دوں

apologies for the delayed delivery from our courier partners, we will push you case.


Ordered this knee massager one and a half week ago and have been using it since. Getting great results with with soo much relief. Highly recommended.

Rahela Asim

Very useful for everyone who suffers from pain.

Hira asad

Certainly helped relieve knee pain. Heat and massage worked well.


Easy to use/operate, heats up quick and warms. Feels great on sore and swollen knees. Overall very happy with it.

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