Ovulation Fertility and Early Pregnancy Test URINE Strips | Home Test To Know Pregnancy, Get Pregnant Or Prevent Pregnancy, For Conception Or Contraception


Ovulation Fertility Test Strips | Home Test To Get Pregnant Or Prevent Pregnancy, For Conception Or Contraception

These Ovulation Fertility Test Strips are your at-home ovulation test strips to track the rise of Luteinizing Hormones (LH), the rise in LH signals the production of healthy eggs in the ovary. The rise in LH can be used as a mark for most likely pregnancy days or abstinence days to prevent pregnancy.

Healthy eggs are produced throughout the menstrual cycle but detecting the right time is a handy way to increase the chances of pregnancy, or otherwise prevent it the rise in Luteinizing Hormones indicated the production of eggs in the ovary thus increasing the chance of pregnancy.

The test strips are designed to work with urine, the test days depends upon your menstrual cycle, e.g. if your cycle is 28 days start testing on 28 days or consult your physician for accurate testing dates.

Pregnancy Test Strips Kit, HCG Pregnancy Test Strips for Early Pregnancy Detection Reliable and Quick Pregnant Test Home Pregnancy Test for Pregnancy Kits Individually

♣ Urine Pregnancy Test is an accurate and easy-to-use pregnancy test. This test strip is an early pregnancy test strip, which is easier to detect early pregnancy.
♣ Test strips have high sensitivity and great precision.The test result with an accuracy of over 99% gives you confident confidence.
♣ The morning is the best time to accurately measure pregnancy. You can check it every morning to see if there is any change in the results.
♣ If it is a parallel bar, as the HCG will gradually increase every day, the red line will become darker and darker. The early pregnancy is usually light pink and pink. The test results will be more accurate.
♣ Each Pregnancy Test is packaged individually as well as safely and tested for hygiene and safety. Keep the pregnancy test strips dry and safe. Please note that the pregnancy test strips can not be reused.


  • Easy to Use with urine testing
  • Up to 99% test accuracy according to researches
  • Portable and can be carried on travel as well
  • Works for conception as well as contraception

How to Use:

  • Just carefully pee on the strip or collect a small amount in a cup and dip the strip for 3 to 5 seconds
  • Let it rest on a plain surface,
  • Check results in 5 minutes.
  • Results Interpretation:
    • Positive: 2 Lines
    • Negative: One Line
    • Invalid: No Lines

Package Includes: (As per selected Variation)

  • 1x 5 Pieces Ovulation Fertility Test Strips Pack OR
  • 1X 5 pieces Early Pregnancy Test Strips Pack OR
  • 1x 10 Pieces Ovulation and Early Pregnancy Strips Pack

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