Periods Relief Heating Pads | Menstrual Pain Relief Heat Therapy


Periods Relief Heating Pads | Menstrual Pain Relief Heat Therapy

Women dreaming of pain-free periods should use high-quality menstrual pain relief pads. Heating pads are of high quality, 100% drug-free, provide quick and natural period relief.

These patches provide 8-10 hours of heat and comfort to relieve mensural pain, back pain, and abdominal pain.

It is effective for various symptoms, including abdominal pain, swelling, back pain, and menstruation pain.

Don’t let menstrual cramps hold you back. Take menstrual patches with you and feel better without the use of medication.

Periods Relief pads Natural Remedy Against Menstrual Pain

The non-medicated and odor-free heating pad easily sticks on the stomach or panties for discreet period cramps.

When you feel good, you walk with confidence. Just open the pouch and put the pad on the abdomen. It starts to warm on its own and sticks to the clothing. You do not need to take a pill or any medication for pain relief.

Comfy and Safe

The ultra-thin design conforms to the lower abdomen so that you can easily hide it under the clothes. They are comfortable to wear and stay safe on clothing.


Make you live Easier with Period Relief Pads

The heating pads are comfortable, discreet, portable, and odorless.

  • Dispose of the pad after the use
  • Great for women working all-day
  • You can use it while traveling



It is designed to hold the warmth for a long period. It can be reused again. The body easily absorbs warm temperatures. It penetrates deeper into the skin and promotes fast pain relief. Period relief pads provide the right amount of heat to the skin. It relaxes your uterine muscles and increases blood relief for lasting menstrual relief.


  • Pregnant women should avoid its use
  • If you have a skin allergy consult the doctor before using it
  • It has a shelf life of two years.


The product is made of the funnel, rhizome cipher, clove, cinnamon, angelica, rutaecarpa, ligusticum, angelica, and rhizoma corydalis.

Package Includes:

  • 5/10* Periods Relief Pads



Customer Reviews

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Zeba Bakhtiar

Not only great... Greatest.... or b httttt kch buy kia h maine nextmamas sy sasty sy sasti mnhgy sy mnhgi chez b or sb Allahumdulillah same or acha mila...

Zarnish Khan

These are very comfortable to wear. Are bulkier than commercial brands in stores, but not so much you notice them constantly. I really like the overnight ones. They are huge so they give great coverage and are very soft and absorbent.

Vaneeza Ahmad

Isee store par meraa experience har time buhut achaa rahaaa... again i will buy from this store. thank you seller for this amazing product.

Zara Noor Abbas

Wow, buhut fast delivery, Inshallah phir bhi isee store sai buy karoonga.

Samina Peerzada

Seller is very friednly, customer support buhut achaa hai, fast delivery.

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